We all know watching films can be great language practice, but sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself for a long session. On the other hand, series’ tend to have much shorter episodes and you can really get in to them! Here are some of our favourite Russian TV shows we think you’ll love. 


Having lost his job as the security director to a Russian businessmen, Foma becomes a PE teacher but his unconventional methods don't go unnoticed. This is a good series for advanced learners wishing to improve their Russian slang!




With more episodes than you’ve had hot dinners, this TV series based in the fictional ‘Claude Monet’ restaurant in Moscow is sure to improve your food related vocab. 




This STS Sherlock style comedy detective series was the first Russian TV programme to be filmed almost entirely on location in London. Main character Misha Kulikov runs a fixing agency which helps solve problems for rich Russians in London. Good for a bit of cultural stereotype fun!



A good one for girls, this STS series follows the three friends through their family and relationship struggles. Not high brow by any stretch of the imagination.  



Как я стал русскиим 

Another fun one for cultural stereotypes, Как я стал русскиим follows an american journalist as he tries to survive in Russia.




Finally, a series not made by STS. The three series’ (1941, 1942 and 1943) focus on a group of partisans during the second world war. Be ready to learn lots of interesting (if not necessarily overly useful) vocab including ‘traitor’, ‘swamps’, ‘rifle’ and ‘underground fighters’. 



Сладкая жизнь

A series about relationships. Ochen po russkii. 


What are your favourite Russian TV Shows?  Share your thoughts below!



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