By this point, many of us are aware that Russian isn't the easiest language to learn. The cases. The endings. The phonetics. Sometimes it can feel like one step forward three steps back!

However, when it comes to finding online resources, the availability of free and legal Russian language material is incredible. After all, how many British TV shows post every episode of every series on Youtube free??

So for advanced learners out there, looking to improve their listening and colloquial language, here are some excellent Russian chat shows. Follow the links to youtube to find many many more episodes. Enjoy!


Пусть Говорят

Think bizarre mash up of The Graham Norton Show and Jeremy Kyle, assisted by a panel of famous experts. 

Вечерний Ургант

An evening talk show in the style of The Late Show. Lots of celebrities and silliness.

Давай Поженимся

An amazingly Russian chat show about love and marriage. Basically the bloke discusses his love life, three women parade their talents (making blini, singing etc) and he picks one. Incredible.