On your own this Valentines Day? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Luckily, The Russian Student is here to give you some handy hints for your next date in Russia...

We've be chatting to our Russian friends, to compile a list of practical tips: How to date a Russian Woman!

1) You decide

Russian women appreciate men being assertive in a relationship, particularly in its early stages- though be aware roles can quickly be reversed, so don't get too used to it! Choose where you would like to take her, then invite her there, the cinema, theatre or a nice restaurant are all good ideas.

2) Bring a gift

This is another point which my reliable sources tell me is very important. Flowers always go down well in Russia, but remember to make it an odd number, as an even number of flowers is bad luck and only used at funerals. 

3) Be a gentleman 

This, I am assured, is absolutely crucial. Feminism somewhat bypassed this aspect of Russian life, and despite the stereotype of the English gent, these days Russian men are far better trained in chivalry than their British counterparts. Without fear of the wrath of angry feminist, Russian men are used to holding open doors, giving up seats and carrying everything remotely heavy. One must always remember a woman’s ovaries in this situation. 

So remember, when arriving at the destination of your date, open all doors, give her a helping hand to get out of the car/off the bus, and ensure you help her to take off her coat. 


4) Pay

Again, this is a bit of a weird one in the UK. I don't really know where I stand anymore, but in Russia, the man should definitely pay. So do just that boys…pay. Good luck everyone!

Many thanks to Eva for her advice for this article

Have you been on a date in Russia? What are your tips?

By The Russian Student