This week, Vogue shared 'Five Romantic Russian Destinations' but here at The Russian Student, we like to break down some of those stereotypes, because as gorgeous as those places are, (and believe us they are gorgeous) it's not all Vodka and Vronsky!

So tongue firmly in cheek, The Russian Student presents: 

"Five Sexy Moscow Destinations"


1. Nothing says cool quite like Strelka, with its own institute, and an outrageously edgy summer programme filled with gigs, lectures and workshops, even the stunning view of the Church of Christ the Saviour view doesn’t take the sex out of Strelka, as the bearded Moscow hipsters who frequent this spot will surely tell you.

2. Grab your nerd chic glasses and swot up on your arty vocab, because next we are headed to the Garage Museum, good name eh? The Garage Museum for Contemporary Art opened last year in its new home at Gorky Park. The building, designed by rebellious architect Rem Koolhaas, is a refurbished polycarbonate-clad Soviet-era restaurant. I don't know about you, but I cant think of anything sexier than polycarbonate.

3. Now cross the road and head into Gorky Park proper, where you can join the rest of Moscow rollerblading, cycling and skateboarding to their hearts contents in their skimpiest of summer shorts. How about getting down and dirty in the sand with a game of beach volleyball, or perhaps a cheeky frolic in the fountain? Keep it classy you say? Fair enough. Grab a partner and show off your moves with a sunset salsa...

4. Jagger. The decor is beautiful. The girls are beautiful. The photographer somehow manages to make you look beautiful too. And, once in a while, they might even treat you to a half decent track. You may not be about to meet your very own Count Vronsky, but a couple of their super smooth cocktails later and it probably won’t matter.

5. So you found your Vronsky? Great work. In which case you will be needing this place. Sixty. The Highest Restaurant in Europe. A perfect venue for perfect evening… Good Luck x

What Moscow hangouts would you add to our list?

By The Russian Student