Inspired by Avital Chizhik and Katrina Eastgate, here is our ever so helpful IT Crowd guide to Russian visa applications.

(Tongue firmly in cheek, of course, in case you are reading Russian Embassy!)



1. Your wise friend, who has already been to Russia, warns you about the visa process, but you just don't listen.


2. You totally lose your patience while trying to remember all the countries you have visited in the last ten years, including those ones you barely remember from that post exam interrailing trip in 2010.


3. Documents in hand, you arrive at the visa office but begin to wonder if it will ever be your turn.



4. After a few trips you gain some confidence and begin to believe you are mates with the security guard.



5. You might even have a chuckle at the expense of that poor businessman next to you, who forgot his bank statements from the last three months with a balance of £100 a day for the duration of the visit. Amateur hour.



6. But your sass disintergrates as you step up to the desk. 



7. And you realise how much the whole thing is going to cost you (including speedy service because you left it to the last minute again)....



8. ...but you don't worry too much because you already know who to call... 



9. Totally worth it for Russia though!