Name: Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin

Born: 6th June 1799, Moscow


Family: On his father’s side he descended from an impoverished but ancient noble family. On his mother’s side, he was the great great grandson of a black Abyssinian, Abraham Gannibal, who rose to the rank of General en Chef under Peter the Great.


Education: Pushkin studied at the Imperial Lyceum at Tsarskoe Selo near St Petersburg from 1811-1817


Early Work: His early work was famous for its revolutionary themes. He was exiled from St Petersburg in 1820 and relocated to southwestern Russia. He was friends with many of the Decembrists, and when asked by Nicholas I whether he would have participated, he said he would have joined his friends had he been in St Petersburg.


Marriage and Later Work: Pushkin married Natalia Goncharov on February 18th 1831 at the Church of Ascension in Moscow. His later work included The Bronze Horseman, The Queen of Spades and the Captains Daughter. 

By: The Russian Student